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Nationwide Garage Door Repair and Service. Over 700,000 Garage Doors Repaired!
About Us
The Just Garage Doors Garage Door Service Company has been providing fast, friendly service across the nation, in your neighborhood for many years. We have grown in major markets across the country and have become America's number one destination for all of your garage door needs.

"Well, how do you know my neighborhood?" Just Garage Doors started as a very small family business and over the years has expanded to cover numerous markets all over the country- while maintaining our humble family business ideals. We now have dedicated, courteous professionals who are trained in these exact ideals- right where you live!

When you call Just Garage Doors, we want you to breathe easy and rest assured that your repair problem will be solved right a fair, affordable price! We will have an expert service technician to your home, even within one hour, who will attend to you in a professional, courteous and friendly manner no matter how difficult the task.

We understand that you expect your garage door to work every single time you hit that button. If it does not, all of a sudden you are faced with an enormous inconvenience. Your garage door is not just a gateway to shelter your automobile- its a way into your house! We know how important it is for your garage door to work flawlessly- all the time.
  • We have been caught out in the rain when the remote opened did not work.
  • We have been made late to work or for picking up the kids because the car was trapped in the garage with a broken spring.
  • We have worried that someone might steal the tools or the bicycle because the door was stuck.
  • We have worried about our children's safety when the sensor failed.
  • We have scratched the top of our beloved car because of faulty alignment.
  • We have been locked out of the house when the garage door decided not to open.


How long are you willing to wait with any of these issues. We know that you need someone right away and the last thing you need is someone taking advantage of you. We will come to your rescue right away with a smile and a price that is affordable and within your budget- that's a promise!

We are proud that you have put your trust in us...and made us Just Garage Doors!