Are Garage Door Repairs Actually Dangerous?



Many homeowners look for ways to decrease their repair bills. Most often, they do this by fixing broken parts themselves. The team here at Just Garage Doors wants to issue a warning to homeowners about repairing their own garage door. There are several dangers to fixing your garage door. Here’s a deeper look at the top 3 repairs we believe you should avoid.

1. Replacing Extension or Torsion Springs

Garage doors either have a torsion spring or an extension spring. Both of these parts are designed to wind up and hold tension. The springs help to support the weight of the garage door so that it doesn’t allow the full weight to rest on the tracks.

If your springs break, we highly advise you call our team of experts. In order to keep the door from falling on you, you have to know how to take down the springs. When you loosen the springs, it will cause the tension to break, allowing the weight of the door to rest on the tracks. This can lead to severe injury or even death.

Another reason you shouldn’t replace your own torsion springs is that these types of springs can shoot across your garage. When the tension breaks on this part, it can send it flying. This creates a dangerous situation for you or anyone in your garage.

2. Installing Rollers

The rollers on your garage door allow it to roll across the tracks when the door is in motion. Over time, the rollers can wear out or rust. If the roller breaks off, it can cause your door to become detached. This creates a dangerous situation for you because it puts more weight on the other parts of the door.

It is essential that rollers are replaced properly to keep an injury from occurring. Not only that, when they aren’t installed properly, it can cause damage to your garage door.

3. Putting Safety Cables Back in Place

Safety cables are prone to slipping off of the drum generally because something else is bent or broken. It could be that the spring is broken and has released the tension on the cable. Or, your spring may just need to be tightened to reduce the slack. Another reason your cables may come off is because you have the wrong size drum or cable.

Since the cables help to hold the weight of the door and also hold tension, replacing this part puts you at the same risk as replacing a spring. If you don’t know exactly how to work with these parts, you could lose an arm or at least a couple of fingers.

Call Our Team For Garage Door Repairs

The team here at Just Garage Doors are highly experienced and trained. We have technicians that know how to safely make repairs and installations. You won’t have to worry about hurting yourself by making your own repairs.

There are some home improvements that are best left to professionals. Garage door repairs are on that list.

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